Macrame Hat Hanger
Macrame Hat Hanger
Macrame Hat Hanger

Macrame Hat Hanger

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Macrame hat hangers (also known as macrame hat racks) are a stylish storage solution that turns your favourite hat into a decorative feature for any space large or small. 

Items ordered through this listing are made to order.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for your hanger to be made and shipped out.


Customers are invited to select either a Single Hat Hanger or a Double Hat Hanger (see examples below):

Guests are also invited to select a detailed tassel or an undetailed tassel.
NOTE: Select "Tassel" for access to the full colour range.
NOTE: "Detailed Tassel" is limited to 13 colours only.


The last consideration for colours is selecting a "Main Colour" and "Wrapping Colour" as seen below with these two examples. The "Main Colour" is used to create the body of the hanger. The "Wrapping Colour" is an accent that creates a contrast and adds interest.

NOTE: Select the same colour for both the Main Colour and Wrapping Colour if you wish to use a single colour only

See colour cards below to view our full range of colours.
NOTE: If a colour is not listed on our form, it means that the colour is either unavailable, or unsuitable for your selected version of this project.

Macrame Hat Hanger